Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sing Your Heart Out When You Can

That's right ladies and gentlemen..

Even if you can't sing, just give those "pipes" a good blast when convenient, and possible (be mindful of any abuse if the "singing" is totally atonal and tone deaf, though!). Sing to a loved one, perhaps? Especially if it's their birthday. But if you are too shy to sing to others, then Send a Singing Birthday E-card now!

Now why would I suggest this? Ok, can anyone remember seeing someone singing, and looking or feeling miserable whilst doing it (without including a music video, smarty pants)? Exactly! That's because singing releases endorphins, which make us feel lighter and..

Try it now.. go on!.. Oh I see, no cd's or tapes nearby to sing along to? Then do it using your computer, right now! Just Listen to Music Online with 600,000+ Songs at your fingertips with RealRhapsody. 14 day free trial, then only $9.95 month

Ok? You see, singing is good for us because it is literally a release from tension..

No, not yelling, ok?

Right, when those people who were raring to sing have finished belting and yelping their hearts out, we can happily and merrily proceed to the next page..

By the grace of god I'm glad you're glad, and I mean that most sincerely.


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