Sunday, December 8, 2013

Making Positive Affirmations work!

If you plan to use Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Life, the best advice I can give you is to always use them in the present tense by making "I AM" or "I have" statements.

Saying "I will" or "I want" allows your ego mind to put off what you are trying to accomplish. In essence, what you are telling yourself by doing that is that "someday" it could be this way. You want change NOW!

Steps To Making Positive Affirmations work!

In order to be effective in this process there are several little tricks that you will need to employ. Focused Intention, Repetition, Imagination and Emotion.

Focused Intention You already have an intention or you would not be using Positive Affirmations! So what is focused intention?

Concentrating on only one thing wth all your might. If you try to do too many things at once, you dilute your chances of successful change. Pick one or two Affirmations for yourself to concentrate on until you feel you have accomplished what you set out to do. Only then should you move on.


This is obvious of course, but important! We all learn best by repeating something over and over.

This let's the subconscious mind grab hold of new concepts. Make it easy on your self by keeping your Positive Affirmations short and to the point. Five words or less is best, such as: I am the best _______.

Then fill in the blank with one or two words but no more. I find it most effective to only use three words.I am Wealthy, or I am Abundant; etc. This makes it not only easier to remember but you will find that you absorb it much quicker as well.

The most important thing about repetition is... Don't Give Up!

Don't stop repeating or chasing that dream. If you do, you are going backwards and reinforcing the negative thing you are trying to overcome!

We don't want negative affirmations do we?


As you repeat your Positive Affirmations to yourself, imagine in your mind that you are already successful at being whatever it is you want to be. Use all of your senses to make it as real in your mind as possible! For instance, if you want to be a better musician, imagine hearing yourself play better and clearer notes. Hear your audience cheering louder. Taste or smell your instrument in way you never have before. See your hands and fingers moving more effortlessly and accurately,etc. The better you can Imagine it the better you will integrate it.


Emotion ties in with what I have just discussed above. As you imagine being a better musician, as per our example, get excited about how it feels to be that. This will do some very key things.

Create motivation to practice being what you want to be.

Bring yourself closer to your goal.

Deepen integration into your subconscious that it feels good.

Shorten the time to achieving your goal.

Put as much emotion into it as you can! The more excited you can get yourself the faster you will achieve your desired effect.

Be more effective with your Positive Affirmations, by realizing thoughts are things, and practice Steps To Positive Thinking and learn how to stay positive!


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