Thursday, January 30, 2014

My 7 Point Plan for Getting Rid of Shyness - forever!

When you walk into a room full of strangers are you often overcome by shyness?

Does your mouth go dry when speaking in public ? Does your face redden? Do you start to stutter? Maybe you’ve decided it’s not worth the stress and avoid strangers altogether.

You needn’t.

Follow this 7 point plan and you will get rid of any embarrassment and stage fright forever.

1.    Draw a circle on the ground about a metre in diameter...... either real or imaginary.

2.    In your mind, create a picture of the future event you are feeling scared or bad about. Turn that picture into a full multi coloured video with sound effects, in which you play yourself. Identify the specific point at which you begin to feel self conscious; be as specific as you possibly can.

3.    Now put that video into off mode, and have a look around the room (to help you to cancel the picture).

4.    Now think of a past scene where you were fully confident and energized, succeeding in achieving your outcome, with no sign of feeling shy whatsoever.

5.    As you see yourself in the good scene step into the circle, be right in it; feel the feelings you felt, hear the sounds you heard in that past scene when you were supremely confident.

Increase the intensity of the association with the good feelings. Turn up the intensity another notch. When those feelings are completely filling the circle step outside of it, leaving the circle full of your good feelings and effective resources.

6.    After checking to see if the circle is still full, go inside your head and get the first video of the feared situation again and get ready to switch it on. Start to play it, and just as the moment when your fear was about to be cued in, step right into the circle, completing the video in the circle with all your resources available to you.

Take your time to enjoy the completion. A partner might usefully help you to watch for clues as to the effectiveness of the process by looking for changes in your breathing, posture, blushing, the absence of those beads of perspiration or sticky palms.

7.    Now test things by stepping out of the circle and think of your how shy you used to feel. How do you feel now?


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