Sunday, February 2, 2014

Female Body Language Will Always Give a Women Away - No Matter How Hard She Tries

With female body language,as with male body language, women display similar preening characteristics to men but often are a little more subtle than their male counterparts when used in flirting. Never-the-less there are additional signals to look out for which generally indicate an interest in the person they're talking to.

The Head Toss

Women do this to throw their hair back over their shoulders, attract attention and to show off their neck. The head toss is not exclusively for women with long hair and can still grab someone's attention when used by women with short hair.

Exposed wrists

If a woman is interested she will expose the smooth, soft skin on the inside of her wrists.She will also show the palms of her hand whilst talking.

The 'intimate gaze'

Look out for the eyes following the 'triangular formation': - eye to eye, then down to the mouth and chin, down to the rest of the body and back up to the eyes again in a triangular formation.A particular subtlety of female body language.

The pointing knee

When sitting down one knee is bent to allow the foot to be tucked under the opposite thigh. The knee point will be aimed at the person the woman is interested in. It is a relaxed, informal position.

The shoe fondle

If a woman crosses her legs and lets her shoe on the top leg hang off her foot pay attention - if she starts playing with the shoe, allowing it to slip on and off her foot then you're being given a clear message of interest.

The leg twine

Apparently many men consider this the most appealing sitting position for women. With one leg pressed against the other it appears to be extremely toned and, combined with the woman placing one hand on her thigh, gives a clear call for attention and probable interest.


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