Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love Poems For Valentine

Please enjoy another one of my love poems.

Swimming Through Love
Cry with me
Rubbing your softness into my skin
Let us blend our tears together
Concocting wet sunshine
To flash across our years
Let your fingers trace
And let your lips erase all the pain
Swim with me
In wet desire
And may the juices flow
From one love to another love
So that we may drink and taste the wine of one another
And let us be drunk on love
Feasting on the meat
Of each others pure heart
And let us dance in the others dreams
While the bright moon of paradise
Shines on this night of our love
And may the sun rise
Upon our bodies entwined
Like rope, like bread, like a thread
By our long time...

That love poem, again, builds a tight connection to nature. Some of my poetry has been compared to Pablo Neruda for this reason. I am not trying to pat myself on the back (or maybe I am!) but I like the comparison, certainly. I also like blending nature and romantic themes. It's just the right combination for my particular brand of love poems.


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