Friday, November 29, 2013

Meet the Fockers Quote

Looking for a Meet the Fockers quote? Here is the place to find a great quote from Meet the Fockers.  

Jack Byrnes: If your family's circle joins in my family's circle, they'll form a chain. I can't have a chink in my chain.  

Bernie Focker: Can you believe I fathered him with just one testicle?  

Bernie Focker: If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down... Opps, looks like I forgot my own rule  
Local Cop: He's got a rubber boobie!  

Greg Focker: I still masturbate to Pam. What? She's hot! Check out those boobs. I just wanna lather them up with soap and rub my face in them. I could take a vacation in there. What? Gosh, sorry you're perfect! And there's another wonderful lady in the audience, my future mother-in-law Dina Byrnes! Dina-Dina-Bo-Bina-I-love-Dina! Byrnes! You know they say you can tell from looking at the mother what your wife will look like in the future, well, I'm looking, and I'm liking!  

Jack Byrnes: That's because that's from Debbie's left breast, Greg.  

Bernie Focker: There's my brother from another mother!

Pam Byrnes: No! After next month, I am going to be Pamela Martha Focker. I know how that sounds but I don't care!