Friday, November 29, 2013

The Angel Of Abundance Lesson Plan


You may ask sometimes: "Why am I experiencing the exact opposite of what I desire?"

The reason is that your thoughts, beliefs and actions; as well as your attitude /vibration may be blocking you. If any part of that says: "I don't have enough." The angel will respond to that vibration.


In essence it is what you are telling the Angel of Abundance that you want to experience!

This can be hard for some to comprehend, and quite honestly I have my own issues with this; as we all do! Our thoughts, beliefs and actions as well as our attitude /vibration is what the Angel of Abundance hears.

Changing these things sends the Angel of Abundance a different message. In other words, they listen to the language of the heart, Not our words. (Talk is cheap) To send the message of your desires accurately, you must be in alignment with those desires.

For example:

Imagine you dream of going to a very fancy a restaurant. Your mouth waters with excitement just thinking about it. You know you could never afford to go there. But still!...

Several weeks later you get invited to that very restaurant by someone, as their treat!

When you get there, you tell the waitress to bring you some Shrimp Scampi. As she turns to tell the cook of your order, you say you want steak instead. Then change your order again and again until the person that brought you gets so fed up, they leave in anger and embarrassment!

This is a prime example of how we often Pray for Abundance, and end up not getting what we want.You got to the restaurant, but never got to eat!

Now, instead, imagine that your eyes light up and your mouth waters as you simply order a steak.You would get a steak without any problems! And keep a new friend as well!

Your heart was in alignment with your desire without attachment to how it came to you. You were also clear of exactly what it is you desired.


* Change your focus.

Let go of thoughts/beliefs and actions that block your desires. If you don't think you deserve things or that it's "bad" to have extravagant things at any level of your consciousness it will act as a shield keeping those things from coming to you.

* Give with an open heart.

Everyone has something to give! Whether it be money, time, or even just a smile or hug for someone who needs it. Be glad to give it, expecting nothing in return. You will feel a new purpose to your life as you stretch yourself to give more. You will gain new awareness of the abundance you have to offer and more to be grateful for.

* Express Love & Gratitude

Look For every opportunity to express love and gratitude. I find that in my own life when I soften my heart and let compassion rule my thinking, it comes back to me in very unexpected and wonderful ways. Love and gratitude beget love and gratitude. The same as anger fuels more anger. Look for the good in unpleasant situations and express out loud your thankfulness. Watch as those who are angry with you transform and look at you in dismay. Then you just smile and say thank you for this experience.

They may think your crazy but I guarantee that their anger will greatly dissipate! And you'll have fun knowing they won't soon forget the experience; or you!

* The Universe truly knows no lack.

Evidence of the Angel of Abundance is all around.Try to count the stars or the blades of grass in your yard.Think of how many granules of sand are on just one beach!Even on your own body; if you were to try to count the number of hair follicles, that number would be staggering!Think about this as often as possible to turn any Abundance of lack around!

* Ask to be made more aware.

In addition to the above exercise, continue to ask the Angel of Abundance for more awareness. Not just of abundance, but in all things. Your self awareness, as well as the awareness of others and the things around you.Read books or purchase programs to help you gain more awareness about this world we all live in.

* Seek and you shall find-Ask and it will be given!

This is not only a promise from GOD, but a scientific fact.

Throughout the ages mankind has sought answers to many questions. The most important thing to notice is that we have persisted in seeking these answers since the beginning of time, and still we keep asking. Often answers only bring up more questions. Each discovery unveiling a new frontier. Every answer giving us new awareness to our surroundings.

If you get bored with life, it means you are not seeking!

Be persistence and never give up! If something doesn't work for you in one way, seek more information and try again. Keep looking for new ways to accomplish your goal.

* Feel guided.

Learn to use your intuition. Listen to what that little voice inside, or gut feeling, that tells you. This is the voice of the Angel of Abundance giving you it's guidance. Often we must get into a quiet mindset to hear this voice. Other times when we ignore it's message, something drastic occurs to get our attention! Meditation is a good way to tune your ears to this voice.

* Know That You Are So Loved!

Everyone experiences those times of loneliness. It can be difficult to remember during these times that we still have many people in our lives that love us. Even more so that there are beings and a creator that loves us in depth and ways that are incomprehensible to us.

If you are feeling lonely and unloved, close your eyes and imagine this love coming to you. Imagine yourself soaking it like a sponge or wrapping your self in it like a warm blanket. This absolutely works! Soon you will feel the need to send this love out to others.

This is the Angel of Abundance asking you to spread it's message of infinite love.

Don't hold back!


As little children the first lessons parents teach is to share. Yet even as adults and after millions of generations, we still have not learned this simple thing.

Try as they might the Angel of Abundance doesn't seem to be getting this message across to the planet as a whole.

Think of what might happen if we all just shared.

* Wars would end forever.

* Starvation and homelessness would cease to be.

* The Angel of Abundance would be heard singing praises of joy!

As you ask for awareness, ask to be made aware of what you can share everyday, in any given moment.

* Abundance game!

You could play the Abundance Game to help with this.Note on paper at the end of the day how much happy abundance found its way to you. Include everything you can think of. Even the smallest of details.

Have a contest with some friends.

At the end of an agreed time period, the person with the most things on their list will be required to share their abundance Abundance among the group.

Or, if you are doing this on your own, just find things to give away from your list. Integrity and love are the only rules to this game. So make up your own Abundance game!

* Another way to share, is to support people who bring more light and joy into the world.

Thank goodness, through today's technology,the Angel of Abundance gets this message out sent to more and more people.

THANK YOU for hearing this message!