Sunday, May 5, 2013

Learn A New Skill

Now some of us find that we are constantly learning whilst at work, and more so if we read newspapers,etc, to keep abreast of worldly changes in every area of life . However, when it comes to improving our own "lot in life" so to speak, it's incredible how reluctant people can seem..

That's right, people end up mentally feigning as much relevance as a fish on a bike, in order to get away with not changing or enhancing their life. Sorry if I'm treading slightly old ground for those who've already read lessons 26 and 27 , but learning a new skill is a surefire way of enhancing your life, not only for now but in the immediate future too.

Now of course, I'm not saying that you should try to master every skill known to man as soon as possible, but it's a fact of modern life, that particularily in the field of employment, a jack of all trades who is a master of some will soon become common place, as economical and sociological changes mean many of us will relocate geographically, and also change jobs many times in our lives too.

So, learning a life enhancing skill perhaps in your spare time, maybe it's a hobby, etc, will stand you in good stead for the future too. Oh, and don't forget to do it on a regular basis..

Yes, even very wealthy and successfull businessmen are having to constantly learn and even relearn new skills all the time in order to stay ahead of the competition. However, if some of you really do not have the patience to sit through some form of course - even a correspondence style course, some of which are purely internet based - then the next best thing to do is..


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