Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Learn To Accept Both Praise And Criticism Well..

As kids, wasn't it a great feeling to be rewarded while learning about life in the classroom? Even a "well done" was enough to "make your day", right? It's fair to say then, that we all love praise..

But how many of us really like being criticized?..

Ok, apart from him? That's right, no-one likes criticism because it somehow always feels like its a personal affront even when it's constructive or well meant, which is unfortunate but true for most of us. However, if we were never criticised, then how would we know what to really improve upon? And no, I don't mean the kind of verbal lashing similar to that dished out by army personal..

Or even erm, someone like that, because that's also counter productive. As is a lack of praise..

Hey no need to look like that? Relax and remember that if it wasn't for criticism, then we wouldn't know what praise was or why it was being given to us.

Constructive criticism is a tool to initiate improvement and possibly more learning, whereas praise is a reward for performance and improvement..

..Simple when you know how isn't it? In the same vein, it's equally as simple to..


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