Thursday, May 30, 2013

Top Five Ways To Be More Creative

1)  Do something silly!
Put a patch over your right eye.  The right eye is connected to the left side of our brain which is more analytical, logical and literal.  Patching this eye helps quiet the left side of the brain allowing the right side to be heard.

Jump up and down.  Stand on your desk or bed.

Put on a song and dance to the entire song.  Move your hips in figure eights - act like a monkey - do the twist.

The point is to stop taking yourself so seriously.  Hopefully you’ll make yourself laugh and help yourself to stop thinking you have to do things a certain way - “the correct way”

2)  Go to an environment that makes you feel good.  There are generally two kinds of productive environments - energetic and peaceful.  Remember to take a notebook or a digital recorder with you in case you’re inspired.

If you’re most fed by peaceful environments - go to the library or a quiet place in nature, a museum or a church.  

If you’re fed by energetic places - try the local coffee house or restaurant, sit in well-traveled parks or go to the mall.

3) Try brain-storming an idea with a friend or a colleague

Not everyone invents well by themselves.  Many people like to work collectively.  They’re fed by partners, friends and associates.  Sometimes the way to make something happen is to join a group of like minded people.

4)  Quiet the “shoulds” and the negative voices.

No one works well when they’re constantly criticized.  Many of us have those critics inside our brains and we find it hard to turn them off.  Sometimes, it’s enough just ignore them for a period of time.  Literally tell yourself - “I’m not going to listen to you (the critic) for the next hour and then in an hour, I’ll listen to everything you have to say”

5) Take some action - ANY action

We’ve all been taught this idea of meditating and being the Buddha under the tree - waiting for enlightenment (or in this case inspiration).  If this works for you, great.  But for the rest of us - sometimes it’s best to find direction in direction.  DO SOMETHING.  Pick up the pen and write or draw circles.  Type whatever happens to be going through your mind at that moment in time.  Take a walk.  Go on a drive.  Cut out pictures from magazines.  At the very least, you may discover that this action isn’t the one you want to be doing.  Then take a different action.  But keep trying new things.

No matter what techniques you use to build your masterpiece.

    Don’t give up.

Just keeping doing.  When you’re tired, rest.   Then after you’ve rested, have another go.


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