Thursday, June 13, 2013

Color And Mood

Color and mood go together.  Colors affect all of us - whether we realize it or not.  The colors we use in our homes influence not only how we feel but how our guests feel.


Red stimulates our nervous system and increases assertiveness.  Reds make us feel empowered and energetic.

In China and Feng Shui Red is a color of prosperity.  The color red corresponds to the root chakra and therefore is connected to security; it makes sense then that it increases the appetite.

This is one of the reasons so many restaurants use red table cloths.  Red seen in the aura indicates passion, courage, enthusiasm, and excitement.  Red is a good primary color for a room where you want a lot of physical energy and not as good for places of relaxation and meditation.


Orange is a stimulating color and along with red stimulates appetite. In Feng Shui Orange is seen as increasing activity and is good for social settings.  Orange is a great color for a living or dining room as it helps people have fun.

Orange is the color of the second chakra which rules our reproductive organs and therefore Orange is associated with sexuality and desire.  Orange seen in the aura indicates enthusiasm, and a positive outlook.


Yellow is generally thought of as a happy color, reminding us of sunlight. It can add light to a room and give a small room a feeling of expansion and warmth. 

Yellow corresponds to the third chakra which is located at the navel and associated with digestion; perhaps that is one of the reasons we often paint our kitchens yellow.  When seen in the aura yellow indicates intelligence and ambition.


Green symbolizes abundance.  When you think of green to things generally come to mind:  money and nature.  Green is a calming color; good for areas where we want to feel nurtured, refreshed and tranquil.

It’s a good color for bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas where tranquility is desired. Green is associated with the fourth chakra and is located at the heart and has a loving nurturing effect.. When seen in the aura green indicates prosperity, health and a love of nature


Pink is often associated with femininity and love.  It offers a sense of well being and make people feel affectionate and positive toward others.  While pink is not traditionally seen as a chakra color.  There are people who associate it with the heart chakra because of it’s caring influence.  When seen in the aura pink indicates warm, tenderness and friendship.


Blue is a popular color.  Blue reminds us of water and the sky and it often used to create a relaxing, peaceful environment.

Blue has historically been a masculine color and is associated with the fifth chakra located at the throat.  It is associated with the thyroid gland, communication and creativity.

Visualizing blue light is very healing and can be a very cleansing color.  When seen in the aura blue indicates peace, intuition, good communication and sometimes can indicate spiritual and psychic development.


Purple or indigo is often a color of royalty, expansion and success.  It is a very intense color with a high spiritual vibration and in Feng Shui it is used in moderation.

Indigo is associated with the sixth chakra located at the third eye (just above the eyebrows) and it thought of as the chakra of the mind and psychic ability.  In decorating purple is based saved for accents and meditation rooms.  When seen in the aura indigo can indicate paranormal abilities.

As the Indigo Children are seen as the next step in human evolution.


White is often seen as purity and spiritual essence. White contains all the colors of the spectrum in it and at the same time is thought of as calm and neutral. White corresponds with the seventh chakra, the crown chakra located above the head. This chakra is thought of as union with God and is said to be a color of completion and Ultimate Wisdom.


Isn’t it interesting that people associate the color black with the devil and yet everyone loves to wear black.

In truth, black is the absence of color. Black is mysterious, powerful, protective and spiritual. In Feng Shui, black is used to add depth and strength to a room. When seen in the aura black often represents anger.


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