Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Seven Ways to Encourage

  1. Gratitude Journal.  At the very least once a day, list ten things you are grateful for.  List them to yourself, in prayer, to someone else or in a journal
  2. Daily Pages.  I find keeping a diary, journal or some other place where you get things out of your head extremely helpful in getting rid of negativity, in encouraging hope and in helping foster your creative spirit.
  3. Read a good book.  I’ve got a list of good books that I love and continue to add to.
  4. Hug someone.  It makes you feel better, it makes them feel better.  It reminds you that
  5. Talk, Email, IM, Text, Twitter (Communicate and hang out with people you like & love).
  6. Listen to Music
  7. Watch An Inspiring Movie:  You have to watch what you find uplifting.  I watch science fiction, romance, comedy, musicals.  Some films that have gotten me by are believe it or not Star Wars, Singing in the Rain, The Music Man, Galaxy Quest, Manhattan, The Parent Trap, Knotting Hill, Casablanca,