Friday, December 6, 2013

If Thoughts Are Things, Think Positive!

If you've never considered the fact that thoughts are things, I hope to give you reason to consider it now. We create our reality through our thoughts everyday without even realizing how that works in our lives. But consider for a moment what happens when you have an idea. The first thing you do is make a decision about this idea or thought. Do you like the idea? What results or effects will this idea, or thought, have if you implement it? I won't even go into the part where you start wondering whether or not you can actually do it, I hope to make that self evident as you read this page.

Let's say you like the idea you had and decide to implement it. What comes next? ACTION! You begin to take steps to bring this idea to fruition,whether it was an idea for a new invention or a birthday party; it started with a thought! That thought turns into a plan that we carry out to make something happen. So we start to see that thoughts are things. Still not convinced?

Scientific proof that thoughts are things.

I won't even pretend that I am scientifically inclined whatsoever, but the fact remains that scientists have proven, through the study of Quantum physics, that our thoughts have a direct effect on things at a subatomic level. We first need to get a basic understanding that everything in our physical world is made up of energy. We all know that atoms come together to make up our physical world. Quantum physics goes deeper or smaller; so much so that it goes into the "probability" of what something will become. When Scientists observe these "probabilities" they found that their thoughts and feelings had a direct effect on the outcome of their experiments! How cool is that!?

What that means to You and I.

If scientist's experiments are effected by their thoughts and feelings, then our own thoughts and feelings absolutely affect the outcome of our reality! It also proves that positive thinking actually works and how very important it is to Think Positive for our health, wealth, and happiness!

A great book to read on this subject is called: "A HAPPY POCKET FULL OF MONEY" By David Cameron Gikandi. After I read this book, I had no doubt that thoughts are things and re-reading it often, has helped me guard my thinking much more carefully indeed!

You've heard the saying "be careful what you wish for; you just may get it". How many times have you had a thought or dream that came true; only to be disappointed, because it didn't turn out as you expected? Try to go back to that moment.

What were your actual thoughts? Did you have doubts that it could work out for you? Perhaps someone warned you how it really would be and you chose to ignore that warning, or you bought into their story without realizing it. You may have also found out that it wasn't what you really wanted after all.

Use this to clarify what you are really trying to create in your life. What parts did you like or dislike? O.K.; Now concentrate on the parts you liked and add something else that you think you may enjoy. See what works for you. Just remember, Thoughts are things that create our reality. Think positive, feel positive, act positive, get positive results! It really is that simple!

Now that you understand thoughts are things you'll need steps to positive thinking to begin creating more Abundance in your life.