Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Be Less Obviously "Business-like" In All Dealings..

Some people out there in this world, are kinda always like this..

So in effect, they only think of ..

Yes folks, I know we need money to survive in this world, live on, buy nice things, prosper etc, but it always saddens me when I see people who - believe it or not - are actually very similar to this . They're usually the ones who, for the majority of their waking ours are, in essence, "cutting deals" with everyone. Even when talking to friends and family!..

Ok, I agree, there aren't (thankfully) too many out there in the world, that get to such an extreme level, but if we are judged, accepted ot rejected by society simply on the merits of our behaviour, then is it any surprise that salesmen aren't sometimes very popular?..

Not fair to all salesmen I know, but sadly "wheeler dealer" types always end up with very bad reputations. So, yes ladies and gentlemen (I know the cynics are smiling too), try not to be such a "cut throat cole" during business, work, etc etc, because you do get what you give.

I can't go into extensive depth here, because business practices and ethics in this world, are beyond the scope of this section. However, if you're always on the lookout for getting ahead in life, whilst always giving the impression that you're about to (or want to) cut some kind of deal, people are gonna start to turn away from you, in particular your friends and family. So keep business at work and related to work right?..

Besides, If you're always appearing to "look for an angle or a way in" with a person for some financial gain or other "business like" gain, they're not gonna want to listen to you for too much longer, if at all after that. Furthermore, in our relationship with others, its not just about getting our point of view across as quickly as possible, the skill also lies in the listening too..


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