Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't Just "Hear Out" The Other Person, Listen To Them

Hang on a minute, I hear you cry, "are you saying that i'm rude and insolent to the point of appearing deaf??"..

No of course i'm not, but all of us are guilty of not really listening to the other person during a conversation..

..all because we're so pre-occupied with getting our own point of view across as quickly and as clearly as possible. And that's how..

..er yeah, that's how misunderstandings are created in this world (my art dept need any old excuse to wheel that fish out..great?!). Be it at work, at home, among friends, etc etc, take a little time to listen and understand what the other person(s) is/are saying, because it means you can end up with..

..better relationships all around,right? And for those of you who have always been this way and excellent listeners then why not point your friends, family, etc in the direction of this site , unless you're all "hunky dory" with each other..

Wahey! It warms my heart to know people make a concerned effort world over,to get on with others, no matter how difficult this may sometimes be. However, I must confess that sometimes(the cynics all over the world will love this), there are occasions when it's not worth the effort..


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