Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Go With Your Gut Feeling..

Think of something, some place, or someone you love..

..ok that's enough for now. How does the stomach feel? Is there a warm glowing, healthy kinda sensation there?

Wahey! I knew it! Ok folks, so we're familar with our gut feelings, right?. And as we're all aware there are also bad situations that bring on another kinda feeling, which is also referred to as "the stomach churn". Now gathering all this together, it follows on then that we tend to act upon our feelings quite often in life. From choosing an outfit, to a partner, to a house , a car, you name it. So assuming, that we're all fairly balanced and sane individuals..

..then the first thought or feeling we get when dealing with a situation is the right one . Think of a time when someone asked your opinion on something and you instinctively knew what to say or which choice to make?.. Come On.. That's the one! That's it!..

Exactly! However, this also works in another way, which isn't always favourable.

Think of times when there's been an inkling that someone or something was not quite right or "up to no good". Is it fair to say that if you went along regardless and ignored that gut feeling, then regret would probably follow suit later? What I'm saying is, just go with that first feeling you get, because more often than not, it will be right.

This does take practice, and no I don't want some of my lovely readers to run out into the road and go with their gut feelings a bit too literally ok? We're all sensible, upstanding individuals here, so just bear it in mind for the next few days, and with time, it will become second nature.

Isn't it amazing how god works with us, without us even realising? And now that the critics at the back are quietening down lets go to..


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