Monday, April 15, 2013

Change Something About Your Appearance At least Once A Year..

This is really for all those people whose lives have become so busy fending for others, that they don't spend as much time on themselves as they once did. I'm talking to all those mum's, dad's, Student Doctors, etc. out there (Hey, I picked student doctors as they do legendarily, long hours just so they can help save other's lives, so although I've missed out on loads of people, I genuinely didn't mean to ok? ). Go on..ask someone to take you out and/or be gifted with a new wardrobe, a new haircut, a new outfit (there's some lovely Designer clothing at YOOX ..)

so you can erm, perhaps look like her above (Sorry guys, the art dept. had a problem finding a guy pic that would fit the bill).

More importantly readers, if there are people out there you know, who could use a mood lifter like this, why not go and surprise them? Go on..

..erm hang on, 'cause if everyone's "rushed off", then whose reading this??..

Right for the benefit of these three (at least), when we change something about our appearance, then we mentally, physically and emotionally feel better. Even the cynics can't disagree with that one...

Great! (Hey! whats so healthy or normal about that??..why a fish on a bike???)

Yes, I'm aware we all have bills to pay, and mouths to feed (including our own) but we shouldn't forget to put ourselves first sometimes? So please remember to pamper yourself? Thanks for listening and obliging. Now while I deal with the cynics and groaners who have been around since time began..

All I can say to the cynics is they need to unwind, right?


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