Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rest, Relax & Rejuvenate

I also refer to this as my own 3 R'S . And again, it doesn't necessarily mean you need to go far away to do this. It could even be in the comfort and company of your own family..

Or even just sitting with your feet up with a nice cold drink? Or a warm drink if it's cold outside, or..

Oops! Sorry I er fell asleep in my er cake?!? (The art department can never get it totally right, can they?!). The reason I fell asleep is because in writing this section , even I'm starting to relax, because this is the..

end of life's lessons so far and I hope you've had fun along the way. Why do I say "so far"?? Because there's always the I just wanna say button for you to click, and tell me what you think or feel about the site without resorting to bad language or personal slights please?..

Once again, I thank you for being here, cause it's you that this site is really for..

And Er, me too? (the art department is woefully inaccurate yet again..). So feel free to send your comments, which will certainly be read and digested ..

No,not that kind of "digested" ?! (the art department has their fun, and torments me to the last). Of course, as mentioned on the homepage, it may be your comments that alter this site. Who knows how this site will "shape up" in the future, so..

Keep your eyes open, and just come back to the site whenever you like. There's always a lesson or pearl of wisdom here, that we use everyday. But there are also others that sometimes elude us at just the right or crucial moment. You never know, it just may be lurking in one of the pages here?..

You see, life never stops teaching us lessons everyday, in every way imaginable..


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