Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't Allow Yourself To Be Cheated More Than 3 Times In The Same Situation

Many years ago, in the name of love I allowed myself to be hurt by the same person 3 times over a period of 4 years. And a firm but gentle "no" to the cynics out there, it wasn't over bad cooking, or laundry, or other day - to-day stuff either..

Now I have to be very careful here, as I don't want a barrage of people leaving or "knocking heads" with their partners, friends etc cause of my advice. Why 3? Think of baseball..

..or any other game. Even an arcade game gives 3 tries or chances before it's "game over". There is no hard and fast rule here but I must stress that I really have to yet meet another person from any walk of life who has conciously allowed someone to repeatedly cheat them, hurt them, con them etc. more than 3 times, and still be on good, genuinely warm and affectionate speaking terms with such an individual.

For those out there who have, then I only have the utmost respect, as maybe you have a thicker skin than me. Again, I must emphasize that these "individuals" must have deliberately and intentionally caused pain and suffering, in order to qualify. Surely not everyone out there is that thick skinned?..

What a relief to know that most of us adhere to the "3 strikes and you're out" rule. Yes, of course I understand if people are told to "take a hike" after one attempt, and that is entirely your perrogative because everyone's circumstances are different. But I do honestly feel that no-one in their right mind should be cheated by the same person 3 times over any length of time.

God always redresses balances, so if you have been a victim of circumstances beyond your control and this does apply, then be patient, and watch how the wheel of fortune turn things around in a positive way, because there's no point in wasting energy beaking the law, ok?

Hey, even I felt myself getting a bit heated there, but when you do find yourself getting "hot and bothered" or even feeling down then why not..


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