Thursday, April 18, 2013

If You Want to Change A Situation, Create The Opportunity For Dialogue

Consider what I've just said in lesson 6 above. Need I say more?..

..aaww alright then!

This isn't just about those that have fallen out over something or someone etc, this is also about just being kind and gentle and using a "softly softly" approach when we can't get our own way (ASSUMING OF COURSE THAT YOUR WAY IS A GOOD IDEA, BUT THAT'S NOT FOR ME TO SAY)..

(Sigh..what I actually wanted was a monkey eating a banana to illustrate "softly softly catch ...yet again, the art dept. is fired). Yes folks, I too am human,and occasionally loose my temper, but even with the stubbornest, most concrete-footed people who are a total "stick-in-the-mud", I have more often than not, found a way to approach them when I'm not happy about something.

There are many ways to do this, the most important one being to pay attention to what the other person is saying and to help them feel warm and welcoming in our shining presence, as the wonderful individuals we all really are..

No, I'm not saying dance with them (I have seen that happen, believe it or not), but I am saying that there's always a nice and genuine way to approach the subject of disharmony or disagreement with people. And we see it everyday, no matter where we live and who we are..

Er yeah, that's right(he looks terrified?!), politicians have been doing this for centuries everyday and its called negotiation . And before the cynics start to snipe and talk about war, isn't war actually a result of disharmony and misunderstandings both deliberate and unintentional? I rest my case.

So, like politicians we all listen to other peoples advice too, but in all fairness..


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