Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do Something For Charity

It could be as simple as putting some money in a collection box, when you're out and about. Or perhaps making a donation via the internet to a charity. Maybe you want to help someone out who is perhaps incapacitated for whatever reason.

How about treating yourself or a loved one to a concert or favorite sports event or game ticket? Just go to - The Safe Way to Buy & Sell Tickets Online and work it out.

Whatever it is, the simple act of giving without thinking about reward or return also generates the same warm feeling that can be induced by singing or any other favorite positive activity. Why? It's because the universe always returns to you what you give to others, even though it may not be immediate.

So, the "what you sow, shall you reap" dictum applies in the most positive way too..

..Fantastic! Perhaps you may think of doing a "fun run", marathon, or walk for charity, which is brilliant too, because you're also getting exercise. This reminds me..


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