Thursday, April 18, 2013

Exercise Need Not Be Punishment, But It Must Be Sweat

If that's you, then great. Oh, you're a guy?, then maybe..

How about that?.. or perhaps you take the dog for a walk?..

Er, if your dog is that big then you must be breaking a sweat. Either way, even if you're just mowing the lawn, doing the garden, washing the car, or perhaps your job is labor intensive, then you are exercising.

It helps of course, that you're eating a balanced diet, and that's where - Improve Performance can help if you aren't. But, if you're unsure of your fitness level and don't want to risk any injury, then wait until your doctor has given you the "all clear", before going for some exercise.

I'm not here to preach about the merits of running etc, but the endorphins released during exercise are what "make you feel good" and give you a totally natural feeling of elation..

There we go! Exercise is good for you, so make it fun and not boring. And of course, once you've toned and trimmed your way to a place you are comfortable with, then perhaps it's time to..


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