Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Evaluate Your Connections..

Think just for a moment, of the people in your life who really, really matter (if you feel there isn't anyone who fits this bill - don't be embarrassed, it's ok - then maybe you need to Find New Friends?)..

Now while that er "chap" clocks into work, try to think of those people who aren't so relevant or important. Isn't it funny how the time taken between these two thought processes is very different? Why? Because for most of us, it's only when we're really pressed or asked that we realise not only who we like and dislike, but why we feel that way.

What I'm trying to say, is that we shouldn't spend major time with minor people ..

A eureka moment! Hang on a minute, I can hear those tired old cynics again, saying "easier said than done, blah blah blah" (they always have something to say)..

Yes of course we're all sensible, well adjusted adults here and that means exercising discretion with all and sundry (especially our bosses and co-workers). But bearing all that in mind, it's fair to also say that a union in life, should be enhancing, and not a burden or unecessary one.

If you're single, why not check out, and enhance your life by creating a special union, tailor made just for you

When I mean "union" , I imply this to be friends, lovers, partners and even relationships with our relatives..

Because although I agree that we cannot choose our relatives, we certainly can choose how we conduct ourselves with them. Now before I get into a situation where loads of people get angry or flustered at me due to old unresolves family feuds etc (it's there in my family too), all I can say is, it is entirely up to us as individuals, as to how we deal with people..

..not by er breaking anyone's nose?? (my art dept is being chased out of the building as we speak!?) So, if you can't get through to people for various reasons, just send them a link to this section, and see if that makes a difference. That leads me onto..


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