Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fulfill A Heart's Desire..

We all work hard (and hopefully have fun in the process), but perhaps in helping others we occasionally forget to help ourselves and have some fun. It could be that you want to sing your heart out for a day, or you may want to look like a superstar and "dress to impress" for example, in which case you should check out the fantastic range of Designer clothing at YOOX .

So long as it's not harmful or malicious to others, why not fulfill a heart's desire?..

There we go! Need I really say anymore than that?..

I er thought not. And if you know someone else who has a positive, life enhancing "burning desire" they want to fulfill, but "just can't" for whatever reason, then why don't you help them to do it.

Now you can see why I specifically mentioned singing earlier on in lesson 10 (for the cynics out there, it's supposed to be a fun activity). Don't worry if you can't remember that far back, you can always go back to it using the navigation buttons later. In the meantime, perhaps your hearts desire could simply mean you can..


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