Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Give 5 Minutes To Your Spiritual Self Everyday

Before some people start shouting..

All I can say is this does apply to everyone, whether you believe in god in any shape or form or not. In fact, most of us do this without realizing, and call it taking a break..

not quite (the art dept are mucking about again), but I'm sure most people take 5 minutes out to themselves in a day. But spiritually? Okay, think of those moments when everything is really quiet..

it's usually in these moments that we get a sense of what's to come and also the answer that sometimes keeps eluding us for whatever reason. So baring this in mind, perhaps people meditate without realizing. However, for best results, absolute silence does help, as does a comfortable position..

that's right, now just sit and close (or cover), the eyes if it helps, and think of a time in life when you were (or are) at a peak of happiness. Maintain this state, and after (or within) 5 minutes, the body and mind may start to feel more relaxed and maybe sleepy or refreshed.

I must stress I'm no expert, although I do meditate, so if you're really keen then perhaps you could read books, find a tutor or master, and maybe even join a group, such as the many varieties of yoga or tai-chi, etc. Just think of it as an "alternative way" of enjoyment and self-fulfillment..


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