Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Try To Curb Your Imbalances To Prevent Excess And Hence Generate Success

Oh man, I can really "feel" this one because putting this site together could have been done in one big l-o-n-g marathon sitting. But as with most people out there, I actually have other things to do, so it took a little while longer than i expected..

Yes I had many nights like that. Anyway, enough about me, did you get my point here? ..

That's right, when we have obsessions about things or people, and/or are addicted to doing things a certain way, then we usually end up with "burnout" or suffering in some way or the other. For all the smart alecs out there, this does not include the sensible hobbyist type such as stamp collectors, games players, etc, as even they know when to "switch off" and do something else.

The point I'm making is one of "concentrated intensity", which as any pro athelete knows, cannot be sustained over an inordinate length of time. Conversely, there are those that "concentrate" on intensely worrying about things, in which case it's best to seek a doctor's advice sooner rather than later. I do practice what I preach, as I went through a period of almost four years of absolute torment and anguish, which nearly cost me my health..

Hey it's ok I'm fine now, but not without actually taking a break and stopping worrying about all the "what if's and but's" that were bothering me constantly.

I know that most of us at some point end up obsessing and fretting over something or someone for various reasons, but in the long term it isn't good for ourselves or our loved ones .

I also know that most of us want to be successful and/or wealthy etc, but if the candle is "burnt at both ends" for a lengthy stretch of time along with constant tension etc etc, then we aren't going to make it there in a good and healthy state . In other words, we're gonna get oursleves hurt..

I wouldn't want anyone to look like that , but the rest is naturally, up to each individual to decide. A way of coping with life's stresses, apart from the "usual suspects" such as alcohol etc is covered next..


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