Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Remember Your Dreams..

I've lost count of the amount of times that I've heard conversations such as, "last night I dreamt about x,y,z and this happened, etc, but what does it mean?". Our dreams, and yes I'm refering to the ones during our naps and long sleep periods..

..are usually a sign or signal that our subconcious mind is trying to tell us something important. It could be a bill we've forgotten to pay, a friend we're missing, our true feelings about a situation, or even for someone else, etc, etc. Quite literally, anything and everything is manifested to us from our subconcious, in the form of a dream.

Now it really is beyond the scope of this site to wholly interpret everyone's dreams for them,such as various common ones like flying, falling,and even recurring types of dream etc, so get yourself a good book on the subject, and analyse the content until you find something that relates to all those different nocturnal personal experiences (that was not meant to be rude, but you can laugh anyway).

And of course, books can be found at BargainBookStores.com - Why Pay More? , where entering the word DREAMS in the search box will "deliver the goods" (I must say, that they are seriously good value!).

Is it fair to say that we've all had dreams where we have appearances that don't match our own self-image? It maybe a sign that it's time to..


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