Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Take Some Time To Understand Your Thoughts And Feelings Before You Act Upon Them

I have a simple question to ask you. What is the real difference between human beings and animals? go on, think about it...

Even if fish could ride a bicycle (my "wonderful" and er "ever dutiful" art dept. is perhaps asking for a pay rise?..), they lack something that nearly every one of us does without realising, for longer than any other animal, and perhaps faster too..

Yes! We tend to think things through before we act upon our desires, dreams and feelings. My profound apologies to those who have been doing this since the day they were born, for they should congratulate themselves..

Then maybe this applies to those individuals who are constantly impulsive and hence usually quite intolerant and angry too. Does anyone out there know someone like that?..

I thought as much, cause we all know at least one person who doesn't really think things through before acting upon his/her "feelings", and then wonders why things haven't quite worked out the way they envisaged. If possible, sit down with them, hold their hand (gently please) and show them my site. Maybe it will make a difference? Or perhaps they'll find someone new to blame for something else?..

Thats right, have a good old giggle and smile, for we all have done this at some point in our lives, right? Just think of an elderly, well-meaning relative..

(Dear art dept., whose idea of an "elderly relative" is that?!)

..who used to say "haste makes waste. They were, and are , absolutely right.

Oh, and for those out there who are saying, "nonsense! what about buying bargains at auctions, love at first sight etc etc??", I'm sorry to say that this also applies there too. In those situations, we are mentally "beavering away" without realising, at a subconscious level, and all our knowledge and experience up until those moments is filling in the gaps for us. Thank god we're so clever..

Well I'm glad some people agree, but what about those who just don't wanna budge, no matter what? The ones who spend a lot of their time making themselves - and others - angry? The next one is for them (but the rest of you should pay heed too)..


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