Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Changes Are A Part Of Life, Don't Always Fight Them

Have you ever seen a child's face when his/her parents say "hey! we're gonna move house! Isn't that wonderful?"..

Now admittedly not all kids are like that, but I have seen first hand that a lot of children are. The reason of course is because it can be such a massive life change to cope with, in terms of a new school, friends, environment, etc etc.

In the same vein, even as adults we view change with a certain degree of suspicion, hesitancy, trepidation, and in some cases, downright disgust..

Not looking very well at all there? Never mind, perhaps he could do with a dose of Antioxidants?.. Maybe you could do with them too.

The point being that change (like aging, time, and the four seasons, et al) is inevitable , and no matter how much we or others try to prevent it in life, it still happens. So if you don't like change, then minimize it's effects by being prepared for it.

And yet again, I hear the cynics say "great, how are you supposed to prepare for divorce, adultery, being robbed etc". Firstly, cynics like to pinpoint life's extremes and misery. Secondly, if we were in a constant state of preparation for everything then change wouldn't be necessary because by it's very nature change is a transitory experience..

Okay, that means that change is a temporary state of affairs designed to get you from one place to the next..

Wahey! So the next time your parent, partner, friend etc, says something that "rocks a little something" inside you, it's probably because it's time for a change. It's just god's or nature's way of preventing us from stagnating and going nuts out of boredom.

After all, how many people out there do you really know who don't care for promotion or any kind of change at all from their day to day existence, including a holiday ?..

..well, er apart from him, the answer is no-one. So by not changing we are limiting ourselves in other areas in life, without realizing in both the short and long term..


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