Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Learn To Let Go And Move On

I know people who just cannot let go of old issues even after years and years. It could be a family issue, failed relationship, sour deal, friendship (you can always Find New Friends), etc. Even I am guilty of this, because I'm a human being at the end of the day, who is (still) also learning about life too..

Thank you art. dept, for being so wrong again. Anyway, if you are constantly mitering, fretting, mourning and/ or working yourself into a semi frenzy about something from the past, then it tarnishes everything else in your life both today, and every other day that you waste valuable life energy and head space on it.

Like some of you, I have been double crossed, heinously lied to, betrayed and grieved many a time in the last decade, but I know that god's delays are not god's denials and also what you sow shall you reap..

That's better. We all live in a lawful world, and even the higher spiritual forces keep things in balance too. So if you have a good heart, a clear conscience, and you still feel hurt, torn etc, then just remember that nature always has a way of delivering justice and truth to those who are truthful in themselves.

See, if everyone thought like this, then the world would be a safer place..

Ok, admittedly that's a bit simplistic, but you get the idea, right?..

Yeehaa! Superb and smashing, so get up and go and have a chat with someone, and extend your own learning curve outward?..


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