Friday, May 3, 2013

Don't Always Wear Black

I've recently realised that I don't actually have a lot of black clothes in my wardrobe (but then I know that there's always fantastic Designer clothing at YOOX to pick and choose from, when the need arises)..

No, I'm not as er, "colorful" as that, but the color black isn't something I've been personally keen on for various reasons. Firstly, I do actually feel a downturn in my mood when attired in a lot of black clothing. Secondly, unless it's winter, I don't see the point, as it is such a non-color.

I must stress that each to his or her own taste in clothes etc, but how many of people do you know that wear all black attire most of the time. I literally mean, black shoes, socks, underwear, dress or trousers. shirt, etc etc?..

Probably none, right? Okay, so should I really say any more on this?..

Er, thank you. (what is that supposed to represent my dear art dept.??). Life itself is a learning curve, and that's what I want to cover next. Hey whats the matter?..

Don't worry I'm not telling you what you don't want to know and you're the one in charge of you're life too, right?


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