Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's Better To Learn From Other People's Mistakes..

After all, learning from your own mistakes isn't really much fun, right? I can remember with quite some embarrassment of far too many occasions where I didn't pay heed to the above words..

Oh yes, but this hopefully makes more sense as we get older. The paradox of this statement is that some may say "well, if you're always learning from others' mistakes, then when exactly do you take action when you're not sure of any prior experience or advice?". Well, you "do the math" in your mind, so to speak, and you'll make it through with the minimum of fuss..

..Relax, for if god intended us to know everything about everything we'd be an extremely bored and boring bunch of people, right?..

Wahey! As you agree, then I can go further and say that when someone really is trying to talk you out of (or into) doing something, then listen very intently to what they are saying . After that, use your god given intelligence to decide what's right for you .

In all fairness, we all make mistakes, and that is generally how we learn about what not to do , but there are definitely occasions when it's best to learn from someone who perhaps unfortunately(or fortunately depending upon the circumstances) has already been down the path you intend to take, and as a result is a bit "battle scarred", yet full of useful and helpful knowledge..

They don't necessarily have to be very old, just someone who has already "been there and done that" . Besides which, although making mistakes is part of the learning curve of life, there's a lot to be said if you're making a habit of it, because..


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