Tuesday, May 14, 2013

If You Vacillate In Your Beliefs, Then You Will Be Tested

The term "flavour of the month" is used to describe..

No, it has nothing do do with a running banana whatsoever (why does the art dept insist on tormenting me like this?), but has more to do with what is "in" or really matters for this month, and usually applies to fashion and fads etc. However, there are also those of us who treat life in a similar manner. You know them because they are quite inconsistent in their beliefs, a bit like..

Er, well if they look like that then there is other problems to contend with, but on a serious note, would you trust someone who was constantly see-sawing in their beliefs that much? I thought you would'nt and neither do I.

Yes of course this lesson also applies to any spiritual and moral beliefs you may have, but that is an arbitrary decision based on upbringing and life experiences, etc. However, I must stress that if you are inconsistent and regularily vacillate in your belief systems , and of course this can encompass anything in life from your morals to your chosen faith etc, then you will be tested.

It's funny how the higher divine forces have ways of "putting us on the spot" when we tend to veer toward chop and change behaviour. There's usually some form of "straighten out" policy given to us from god and the divine nature of the universe. Don't believe me? Think about the last time you may have done a total volte-face for the sake of perhaps "fitting in" with a crowd, or a partner etc, and yet you felt inside that it wasn't really you anymore by doing this.

For example, in many relationships we tend to sometimes over appease the other person, as to show our love respect, etc. But there are invisible limits for us,that for whatever reason when we cross, we feel awkward about.

I mean, you wouldn't ask a vegetarian to suddenly start chomping on common burgers, steaks, etc. would you? No, because for starters, this would induce serious physical problems, never mind the negative emotional issues involved for violating their way of being.

Now some can use this dictum for their own malicious purposes such as racism, etc, but this is nothing to do with malice, and more do to with what you and your spirit or soul are comfortable and happy with, ok?..

I'm glad your smiling, cause I know that was one of the longest lessons so far, but I do sometimes feel that people just tend to jump on common or commercial bandwagons for the sake of it, without any real feeling or conviction behind what they are doing.

Awareness of oneself is what this site is all about, and you're almost there, because you are not ignorant . Speaking of which..


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