Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Narrow It down to YES or NO

Say yes or no . It really is that simple..

Er, ok, it isn't quite that simple (even though YES and NO are very common words), but you're such a wonderful, intelligent bunch, that you know what I mean, right?..

Ok, you want more? Think of situations where you feel a little inconvenienced, and end up making promises you either have no intention of keeping, or just can't fullfil for whatever reason. Now, rather than enter into the recrimination realms of the common liar and the resultant loss of faith in you from the other party etc, wouldn't it sometimes just be easier to say yes or no ?

I can hear some of you saying that "it's easy enough to say, but have you tried to be that direct with your boss, wife,husband, neighbour, etc etc". And the answer is yes I have, and it does take courage, because even I'm not built like this..

Ok? So the next time you're vacillating or dawdling in giving a direct answer to even a simple (or common) request, please do consider the direct approach of "yes, I will" or "no, I won't".

After all, when people are reading their wedding vows to each other, they don't stand there saying "er, well, hmm, I think I can, and I guess I'll give it a shot" do they? I'm sure it's common for them to say..

I rest my case. Hang on, speaking of vacillating..


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