Saturday, May 11, 2013

Make An Effort To Talk To Someone Everyday

We all talk to someone everyday, don't we? Before anyone says, "I live alone" etc etc, then perhaps you talk to the mailman, the guy at the local store, your neighbor, a friend, family etc etc..

..Ok, if you don't talk to someone everyday then make an effort to do so. Why? because it really is good for you. No, I don't mean talk to an undesirable, bad vibe person, but what's wrong with even going to your local samaritans, or old peoples home, or hospice, and just seeing how some of the people there are? They usually have a lot of life experience that they love to share with others.

So now you have another way of expanding your learning curve, right?..

Think about it, because if you are still in "feeling sorry for yourself mode" (lesson 35), then this is a good way to snap out of it.

Believe it or not, there are many people out there who may be in a worse position than yourself and it's heaven sent how sometimes one person can lift another one up,without even realizing they've done so. The net result, therefore, is..

Yes! Because by giving in this way, we actually also tend to feel better ourselves. Is it really as simple as that? Yes it is!

I'm not saying go and join a "mission" and give up your life etc, but a little giving now and then (even if it's a chat where you may find yourself and the other party learning something new), is good for the soul.

That reminds me of a marketing principle which I was taught many years ago, when learning wasn't always as fun as it is on this site..


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