Sunday, May 12, 2013

The 80:20 Rule

How many here enjoyed learning mathematics at school, college,etc?..

Ok, apart from him?..

Fair enough, at least someone did. However, this is a very simple concept, which I've tailored to reflect upon life in general, so relax ok?..

Good. The original concept is "80% of your profit comes from 20% of your product". In life, sometimes 80% of our consequences, are a result of 20% of our actions and decisions. Simple isn't it?..

I'm glad you agree, and so following on from this, even when we donate a small amount to charity or if, for whatever reason we feel inclined to hurt someone or exact unfair retribution out of malice etc , then the above rule does still apply ..

I don't feel the need to expand upon this, because I know how intelligent you are, and you're a star too, for coming this far into the site, learning as you go along, right? ..

Besides which, I think a publisher may be knocking on the door, wanting to turn this site into a book..

Oh, so that's who it was?! thanks to the art dept., I can always rely on someone or something to be less than perfect. Just like life itself, right? For if life was perfect, then we'd all be bored senseless, because we may not have to continously be engaged in learning more and more everyday ..

Thats just common sense, and if we use all our working senses together, then things definitely make er, better sense, right??..

Hahaha! Even I'm laughing at the obvious silliness of that statement


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