Sunday, May 12, 2013

There's A Fine Line Between Insight And Self-Delusion

Way back in lesson 2 , I described how going with your gut feeling is a good idea..

No it wasn't as long ago as that (that's my art department's idea of a, er, "common dinosaur"??). However, there are occasions when we sometimes convince ourselves that our feelings are guaranteed to be correct and hence take a course of action with, at best, mixed results..

Relax, I'm not here to confuse you ok? Think of a time when you were absolutely sure that something was going to work out exactly as you saw it in your mind , yet when the time came things went awry instead, which is fairly common?..

Good! Now I'm not a rocket scientist..

Er, that's right(??!), but what I do believe in is karma. More simply put, if you're a good soul, then god's delays are not god's denials . And on the contrary, if you've er "misbehaved", then what you sow , shall you reap is also true. Of course these two are interchangeable, and if you don't believe in god, just substitute with "nature", " positive higher force" , etc.

My point is that true insight can come to us in a moment of pure silence and that for some of us, can be rare. However, if you're a good, caring, compassionate soul, then you won't have to fudge your way through life as much as those who aren't.

Now this is entirely arbitrary, as everyone has their own definition of common "good and bad", but I have seen some unpleasant people end up so deluded in the perceived success of their ill gotten plans that failiure totally destroys them and teaches them very harsh realities about the laws of the universe..

For those of you who are already well versed in this, I apologize for the simplicity, but this is more for all of us, and especially those who have had many knocks in life, through no fault of their own. The good souls , with good intentions always get their dues and they know the art of patience too..

I said patience,not patient ?!?..

Ha Ha Ha! I'm glad you're happy too, and while I gently reprimand the art department again(now a regular and common occurrence), Why don't you cruise over to the next part, because it all makes sense, right?..

Right! My art department better explain that now..


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