Monday, May 13, 2013

Reticence And Ignorance Are Not The Same Thing

Of course they're not? Reticence is an inclination to keep silent, even when knowing the facts or information whereas Ignorance is a lack of knowledge . So why do I need to state the obvious in this case?..

Because everyday, people are mixing the two either unintentionally or deliberately for whatever reason they may feel comfortable with. Sadly, it's usually for bad intentions rather than the common good, and is of course another clever why of "lying through your teeth and getting away with it".

For example, I've witnessed many occasions involving incidents of varying natures, where there is always someone who knows what went on, yet out of reticence (for whatever reason), they choose to stay quiet. Unfortunately for them, sometimes years pass by and then they end up perhaps being in a similar situation themselves, with someone else doing to them what they once did (the reticence). Consequently, it's only then that they feel (or maybe remember) what they did , or rather didn't do when they had the chance.

Yes, even I have been guilty of this, and have paid accordingly, because this isn't a perfect world. But all I can say is, if you feel that someone or something can be righted or helped by your god given contribution, then please help if you can, because there may be a time when you need help, and "what goes around comes around"..

Thank you for being so understanding, and no I'm not saying "run out there and put the world to rights", but just be more considerate and "think twice" ok?..

Ok, now I know you do understand.

However, on a day to day basis, we are sometimes swamped with information, and making sense of it all can be quite a task. That's where our instincts or gut feelings come into play..


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