Sunday, December 29, 2013

A brief, simple, sample letter of gratitude

The following sample letter of gratitude is written to our Creator. Other words for Creator could be Higher Power, Life Force, Source, Spirit, Divinty, Super Natural Being.

I use the term Creator for this letter of gratitude, but feel free to substitute your favorite word.

Here's one of my most favorite sayings about gratitude:

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle".---Albert Einstein

I read a few books on gratitude a few years ago and Attitude of Gratitude is my favorite.

Another good book on gratitude is Daily Riches: A Journal of Gratitude and Awareness.

Imagine the character of students and what a valuable education they receive when gratitude is a part of their studies.

Where else besides the family and church can a sample letter of gratitude instruct about character? Education. Gratitude as a part of education builds character.

Sample Letter of Gratitude

Dear Creator,

I'd like to thank you for all the gifts you continue to shower upon me.

Sometimes I may not always recognize Your gifts, i.e., those disguised as challenges and struggles, as gifts, but sooner or later, I come around to accept and appreciate them.

Maybe sometime during an extremely difficult situation, I'd be wise to write not a sample letter of gratitude but a real one. That might help me see in the moment how much I have to be thankful for, regardless of what I may be complaining about.

My life is actually full of lots of love and gratitude, and for this, I'm thankful.

Even though You know all about my life, and I hardly know anything of yours, still, I feel this sample letter of gratitude is important.

The area I want to address in this sample letter of gratitude is my wife's health.

As you well know, my wife has been suffering with debilitating Hepatitis C and cirhossis of the liver for ten years. You made our first meeting so special that I never gave much thought to how serious her illness was.

We experienced magic and we felt Your presence with us, I think it was divinely ordered that our two souls unite as one.

So, You've gotten us through the difficult times and for this I thank you. And I thank You for the gift of Lili-flower, she brightens my day like no one else.

Thank you for the extra strength and courage you've given me all these years that has made me able to hang in there.

So, that's one great reason for addressing this sample letter of gratitude to You. We never would have made it without You!

Now that she is getting healthier and feeling stronger, maybe our lives will take on renewed meaning. Perhaps she and I will get closer and be able to spend more time travelling and doing fun things, like visiting nature spots and meditation retreats.

Maybe she won't have to see so many therapists and doctors. That would be worth writing another sample letter of gratitude, I know!

In closing this sample letter of gratitude, my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful gift of life You give me.

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A prayer for gratitude

As a brief writing exercise, you might consider writing out the following prayer for gratitude that follows:
Lord, grant me the ability to be thankful for everything in my life even when I don't like what's happening.

I know You have a plan for me as well as the planet and we're always all right.

So please Lord, help me to appreciate that all I need to do is love myself more so I can love others more.

Once I love more, then maybe I'll be able to Love You more and access more peace daily, not just on the rare days I now pray.

Thank You, Lord for sharing in this prayer of love and gratitude.


((Enter your name))

If you want to get even more inspired about the affects of gratitude in your life, check out poems of gratitude.


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