Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Half Baked Quote Page

Looking for a Half Baked quote? Here is our favorite quotes from this classic stoner movie.

Thurgood: You have smoked yourself retarded.  

Kenny: You guys gotta get me out of here! There's this guy Nasty Nate who wants my cocktail fruit, and everyone here likes fresh fish! Then The Squirrel Master came out of left field and told me I'm his bitch!  

Thurgood: You know, I never thought I'd say this to anybody, but you two smoke entirely too much reefer.  

Crazy Smoker: You ever see the back of a twenty dollar bill on weed? Oh that's some crazy shit man. There's a dude in the bushes. Has he got a gun? I dunno! Red team go! Red team go!

Sir-Smoke-Alot: Bitch! You know what I want! I wanna talk to Samson!  

Thurgood: I don't do drugs though. Just weed.  

Brian: No man. No Billy Bong Thornton without Kenny. That wouldn't be right. Get Wesley Pipes.

Kenny: In eleven days I'm as good as skewered! Ever take your clothes off and run backwards through a cornfield?