Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Easy and Fun Exercises To Guide You Through The Steps To Positive Thinking

Thought Awareness. The first Steps To Positive Thinking are:

To be aware of the thoughts you are having.

As simple as that sounds, various sources suggest that the average number of thoughts people have is around 12000 to 50000 per day! That's more than I want to keep track of!

Do you need to be aware of every single thought you have? In a perfect world I'd say YES! The more thoughts you can actually "hear" and be aware that you're having the better!

This takes practice!

The best way I can suggest on how to do this, is to just check in with yourself throughout the day. How do you feel emotionally? What thoughts are you having that are creating those emotions?

Thoughts trigger emotions.

This also sounds like a no brain-er, but the more we are conscious of this fact; the easier our life becomes.

Think about it for a while.

If you're in a good mood right now, what is causing that good mood?

Your thoughts!

Did you say your surroundings or your current circumstance?

Guess what?

Your circumstances have NOTHING to do with your mood or how you feel. It is how you choose to react that does that. So what causes your reactions?

Yep; Your thoughts!

This is why we all need to practice these Steps To Positive Thinking.

You see, when we decide to take control over our thoughts, we also decide to take control over our life and circumstances. This can be a huge challenge! Especially when something really "bad" happens. This is when we really need to be aware that what we think is a choice.

Realize your negative thoughts.

This is one of the most important Steps To Positive Thinking!

When you begin to realize that your choosing to think in a negative way about something, stop! Ask yourself: "How can I think about this in a better way?" Or "how can I make this into something positive for me?"

This is known as thought stopping.

You may need to argue with yourself a bit. You'll need to convince yourself there IS a better way to look at it; that is valid.

This is normal and encouraged! As long as you keep it light and don't get too upset with yourself. Which would totally defeat the purpose!

Easy and fun Steps To Positive Thinking

These are just simple little rituals that you can do that have worked for me.

I've also listed a few I have heard about; that I want to try as well.


Dusting is what I sometimes use when someone is getting on my nerves, or projecting there views on me.

How it's done:

You can do this even while that person is right in front of you.Just act as if something is on you (because it is) and just brush yourself off as though you just came out of a dust storm. As you do this; imagine that you are dusting off the negativity that is being directed at you. Even if that negativity stems from you! Dust it off! (be subtle about it; or wait till you are away from the situation.)

Judgment jar:

I Just read about this one and can't wait to try it! Have you heard that some people keep a "Swear Jar"?

Each time they swear, they but a dollar in the jar. This works very similarly. But instead of putting money in the jar; you would write the thought on a note and put that in the jar. Then, at the end of the day, take the notes out and creatively destroy them. This is where you can have some fun and make it meaningful for you.

You could "redneck" the notes by pinning them to a tree and blasting them with ashotgun! If that meaningful for you, GO FOR IT! (Just be careful!!) You could also Burn 'em, throw them in the trash... Whatever! Hey; this is your chance to get creative and have some fun! Just remember that you are destroying your negativity as you do it.

The baggage drop:

This is a good one to use when you come home from a bad day at work.

[or if your glad to be at work from a bad day at home ;-)...]

Mentally put all those bad thoughts and emotions into a luggage bag andleave them behind.

(If you fly, you could just check in your baggage at theairport! I'm sure they will take care of losing it for you! ha ha)

Get creative! Come up with your own Steps To Positive Thinking. Wash negative thoughts off in the shower. What ever works for you!

What you are trying to do is re-train your reticular activating system. This is one of two small parts in your brain that Scientist believe controlmotivation and behavior in mammals. Hey! That includes us!

Meditation and other thought control methods are also helpful Steps To Positive Thinking.I'll include more about this soon! So stay tuned.

I hope you've enjoyed these Steps To Positive Thinking and find them useful in your life.


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