Sunday, December 1, 2013

Positive Thinking for Average People

Are you just an average person trying to change your life with Positive Thinking? Or did you come to this site looking for a "GURU" to learn from? There are plenty of "gurus" out on the web who will tell you how to stay positive! But how many websites have you seen, where an average guy, will invite you to share and join in a journey?Well, I'm no guru but I hope you'll stick around and share this journey.I am excited about the prospects of where this could go, and how much fun we can have!

What I'd like you to do this week, is to just be aware of the people around you. How they speak, act, move, dress, etc. I love doing this! Just people watching. The thing that strikes me most is that you can almost tell how much people values themselves, and what "social class" they fit into, very quickly.

Just by noticing these few things!Not to judge anyone, but, what I have noticed is, that the more self value a person has, the more money they seem to have!

Think about that!! What positive or negative thoughts about themselves do you think they carry? This is what got me interested in positive-thinking-for-abundance, and why I decided to make a website about it. I find it fascinating! I wanted to share that fascination with like minded people. Like YOU!

Now, ask yourself, how do I fit into that scope? Where can I improve to bring more abundance and wealth into my life? Where am I self sabotaging, or blocking myself, from getting the things that I want?

This is the question I pose to you, as well as myself. To me, this is how to stay positive!Keep asking yourself, "what can I do right now, that will make me a better person?" That sets the intention. Then, the more you ask yourself that question, the more inspiration you will receive. The trick is to ACT on that inspiration!

As This website grows, I intend to show (or prove) that even an average person like myself, can actually gain financial abundance, by practicing Positive Thinking and other techniques.

SO Let's get started!

The plan is to research some of the top names in the industry, such as:

  •     Bob Doyle
  •     David Cameron Gikandi
  •     Joe Vitale
  •     Bob Proctor
  •     Zig Ziglar
  •     Anthony Robbins

To name a few. Join or study the programs and methods they offer, and see what effects they have. Later when I see results in my life, I will recommend them to you (or you can just follow along on your own.)Through researching some of these topics, I have already learned several techniques that we can try together. They are...

  •     Law of Attraction
  •     Steps of Positive Thinking
  •     Thought Stopping/ Thought control
  •     Mind Power
  •     Mental Self Help
  •     Learning that “Thoughts are Things”
  •     Positive Affirmations

I'll dive into these one at a time, test them to see what works best, and tell you my results. So the next page you can look for will be titled "Steps of Positive Thinking" since that seems the most logical place to start.