Thursday, December 12, 2013

Raise Your Voice Quote Page

Looking for a Raise Your Voice quote? Here is the place for a quote from Raise Your Voice.

Paul Fletcher: Look, Terri, you have the most amazing voice I've ever heard but if you hang with the "world according to Simon Fletcher" any longer, you're going to end up doing Cats at the Y at 40. And that would suck.

Terri Fletcher: This place is the scariest, hardest, best thing that has ever happened to me.

Music Teacher: Yes! I still count on my fingers.

Paul Fletcher: It's more than just getting along Ter. You please them. You're like a Stepford Daughter out of a mail order catalog.

Terri Fletcher: OK so there's this guy named Kiwi who's a little weird but he kind of has a crush on you and he's really really sweet and he just wants to get to know you.

Jay Corgan: My parents put an ocean between them after the nastiest divorce in history. No joke. They study it.

Sloane: Kiwi is a weird name.

Terri Fletcher: Why would you do that? Why would you drink?

Terri Fletcher: Hi! I'm sorry I came in but I heard you playing and you're really good! I'm Terri.

Terri Fletcher: There are much better singers here, Mr. Torvald.


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