Monday, December 16, 2013

Rules of Attraction Quote Page

If you are looking for a Rules of Attraction quote then look no more because you can find that and more right here about the Rules of Attraction movie.

Victor: I meet two underage Italian girls who I try to talk into fucking each other while I jack off onto them. I end up buying them some ice cream instead.

Sean Bateman: I only slept with her cause I'm in love with you.

Sean Bateman: I really did try to kill myself right before I faked it.

Lauren: What does that mean know me, know me nobody ever knows anybody else, ever! You will never know me.

Paul Denton: I like Sean because he looked well, slutty. A boy who'd been around. A boy who couldn't remember if he was Catholic or not.

Rupert: Get it straight, f*ckhead. I need you like I need an asshole on my elbow.

Mitchell: Hehe yeah. Old enough to pee, old enough for me.

Sean Bateman: Since when does f*cking somebody else mean that I'm not faithful to you?

Paul Denton: Sometimes I'm amazed at the shit that spills out of my mouth.

Lara: You really think I'm skinny? Wait! Anorexic skinny or bulimic skinny?