Sunday, December 15, 2013

Positive Phrases For Inspiration

The first thing you need to know about Positive Phrases is that they are void of any negative statements or words. In other words, if you were to say- "I'm not sad."-or- "I don't feel tired yet." they wouldn't really qualify.

To make a more effective change in your subconscious mind, make the statement in present tense by using "I am" statements. Your subconscious mind only will hear only the "I am" part of any statement you make and disregards everything else.

For example, if you were to say- "I am not hungry."- Your subconscious mind only hears "hungry." Before you know it your looking for something to eat!

So it's important in your every day speech to get into the habit of using words carefully if you want to stay positive. Also, remember to use the words "I have" instead of "I want" when using positive phrases.

Wanting is a future event. You are telling yourself you do not have something. There may be many things that you are not experiencing right now, but repeating that message to yourself is counter productive to your goals.

In fact; this would be using negative thinking and phrases. Something we do without really noticing! It's sneaky that way, so learn to be careful with your words.

Here are some Positive Phrases that you can use for positive affirmations as well:

  •     I find solutions to every situation.
  •     I am a problem solver.
  •     I have everything I need to meet my goals.
  •     I am wealthy.
  •     I learn success from those who are successful.
  •     I am smart.
  •     I have integrity.
  •     I do the difficult things first to make therest simple for myself.
  •     I seek support from those whose talents exceedmy own.
  •     I do what I love and love what I do, so I’llhave success my wholelife through.
  •     Resentment is unknown to me as I forgive thosewho would do me wrong.
  •     Plants and anilnals are without want. ThereforeI am also.
  •     To give brings joy to the giver, as well as therecipient. I do both with grace.

Share these phrases with your friends and family and be sure to add your own to the list!

May your joy and happiness be the sunshine that casts a shadow for all to see!

Happy feelings attract happy circumstances. You can begin feeling whatever you want. The Universe will correspond to the nature of your song. You will attract into your experience what you focus on.


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