Monday, December 30, 2013

Sad love poems

If you're in the mood for sad love poems then you'll appreciate these next couple of love poems. Take it from my favorite book... Blurry Joy: Poems of Love and Celebration

In this silence I love you.
And with this silence I give to you.
In spite of this silence I cherish you.
But still the silence; I don't understand you.
Because of this silence I come to you;
Embraced in silence I hold you.
I've never known such silence, yet it speaks to me.
For with this silence I long to be.
Talk to me in silence.
Speak to me without words of understanding.
Let me not mistake this silence for neglect,
For your silence is love
In your own way,
And in your own
Guarded heart.

The Birth of Our Love
I smile at the birth of our love.
Because my lips remember innocence,
And how hope shined.
Poems, park benches, a picnic basket,
And an ocean view.
These were our deliberation.
And then the fleeting touch,
The hand,
And our first kiss.
That was when your lips met me,
And after,
Remembered me for a time.
But now they do not speak,
They do not speak, they do not speak
My name.
But I remember.
You wore suede boots.
There were clouds in the sky,
Sunshine in our bellies,
And boats with sails upon the water.
We blushed, we laughed,
We talked and dreamed,
Walking on that pier.
Come near, come near,
To me once again,
And let your lips remember.

Sad love poems are similar to most other love poems in that they celebrate your loved one, but these types of poems carry with them the end of a relationship. They are special. Sad love poems are a just another part of that magical thing called love.


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