Saturday, December 7, 2013

Stress Management Techniques

Let's quickly discuss some causes of stress before we learn these stress management techniques

Most of these are those little four letter words like: work, kids, (Though they are also very much a blessing, I realize how stressful raising them can sometimes be!) Debt, Cash and it's four letter counterpart LACK. getting sick or being in pain are also causes of stress. Loss can cover a wide range of topics that can cause stress. Loss of a job, loved one, or a place we call home can be enough to send some people into deep depression.

In today's fast paced world there are many causes of stress, largely due in my opinion, to technologies that are suppose to save us time. Somehow it doesn't seem to work out that way as more is expected of that saved time than ever before. Longer work hours, multi-tasking, and the media all vying for our attention, can get a bit over whelming! But fear not! You've come to the right place for your stress relief needs!    

In order to stay positive we all need to learn some stress management techniques that are easy to remember and easy to use.

Stress management techniques list:

  • Establish clear boundaries! You won't be able to use any of  these stress management tips if you can't say no to people who abuse your time.
  • Take time out!There are only 24 hours in a day! Use some of that time to just enjoy yourself and the abundance of your surroundings.
  • Take a walk. Any exercise is a great way to manage stress. Adding some beautifully scenery to the mix will greatly enhance your experience.
  • Enjoy a pet. Adding a friendly pet to your life has proved many times to have staggering effects on reducing stress and health risks.
  • Read a good book. Books can be a great escape from our reality. Their descriptive words make us use our imagination to sweep us into magical places.
  • Simplify Your Life. Many times we all find we have just taken on too much! Make a list of things that you can delete from your life to simplify things. THEN DO IT!
  • Find or take time to enjoy a hobby. You may even find this to become an extra income source!
  • Take a hot bath. Soaking your troubles in a hot bath or gucuzzi is a great way to relax your muscles and relief tension. Add some scented candles to add aromatherapy for that extra boost.
  • Listen to Soft Music Music is the gateway to the soul. Treat it to something soft and soothing.
  • Begin Practicing Meditation. All of the Stress management techniques above are forms of this. Study and perfect a meditation regiment to quiet a noisy mind.
  • Use Your Imagination! Your mind can be your favorite toy! Use it to take yourself on an imaginary trip to whatever place you can dream up. Get creative and let loose! Go to outer space and meet some aliens or into the woods to talk to the animals. It's all up to you what you can come up with. Don't let yourself feel like it's a stupid thing, Walt Disney made an Empire from his imagination and one of the most fun stress management techniques I can think of!
  • Stress management training   Sometimes when dealing with stress, a professional is needed! If that is ever the case I hope you will seek one out quickly! However; stress management training can also help you be prepared for those rainy days that are sure to pop up! I'll be recommending some services for you very soon!