Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Success quotes guide your heart to discover the true meaning of success

One of the most important success quotes you'll ever hear or read comes from a spiritual teacher. In fact, many of the most profound statements about success come from spiritual teachers. Let's start with a simple success quote:

All that we are is a result of what we have thought. ---Buddha

What the Buddha is basically saying is that what we think about determines how we live our lives. Who we are as a person is determined by the thoughts we think and the thoughts we choose to focus upon.

If we want to create success from home, we have to focus our thoughts and visualize ourselves being successful from our home.

If we feed ourselves with uplifting, inspiring, success quotes, we increase the likelihood we'll achieve success.

Yet, what is the real meaning of success for you?

 Have you spent any time thinking about what true success means for you?

Have you formed your own beliefs about success or simply follow what the popular media and the masses consider success to be?

The clearer you are about what success means to you, the greater likelihood you'll be successful and will be able to die in peace.

Most people go to their graves regretting things they haven't done. p.28, The Lazy Person's Guide to Success by Ernie J. Zelinski

The more you live by values that uplift your spirit, the more the following success quote is easier to adhere to: Always do the right and honest thing, however more difficult it may appear.p. 124, The Lazy Person's Guide to Success by Ernie J. Zelinski

Earn your money and success through service to others and not at the expense of others. p.126, ibid.

Be more attentive to what successful people have to say about all the opportunity around you. p. 160, Ibid.

Abundance isn't about the amount of money you have; it's being happy with what you have. p. 194, ibid.

True abundance is not about gathering more things, it's about touching the place in us that is connected to the divine source of abundance, so that we know what we need in the moment will be provided.--Mary Manin Morrissey

Success quotes can inspire you to risk, because you can always start over again

There are many women and men gaining success by working at home. People who seek success from home have a different set of values that drive them. As important as financial success is for these people, they seek more from life than just financial rewards.

I love reading entrepreneur success stories. I know how challenging it can be to create, launch, build and manage a successful business. The more a person has healed her emotional wounds and is attracting abundance by raising her vibration, the greater likelihood for success.

Successful people often read success quotes to inspire them to succeed and to listen to other people's angles of vision about success.

Other successful people make it a habit to eat healthily and to care for their bodies, minds and spirits.

Sometimes they celebrate by eating a success meal, which is a special meal where you and a loved one share a favorite meal being grateful for all you've been gifted with.

Often times people express poems of gratitude to show their appreciation for what they've received in their lives.

It's amazing how a simple success quote or poem of gratitude will increase your vibration to attract even more abundance and success. And it costs nothing.

A famous quote about success is: "Everything worth doing is worth doing well." Have you ever stopped to really examine this success quote?

Ernie Zelinksi, author of The Joy of Not Working feels that many things don't really need to be done well. As long as they get done, that's what counts. Is he right?

Read the following inspiring success quotes to raise your success vibration to activate the law of attraction.

Success quotes are highly useful words that uplift the spirit and raise your energy level, helping you to attract what it is your heart most yearns.

If you'd like another source of quotes on success, a wealth of inspiration is at your fingertips.

The Most Important Success Quote that Leads to Success

You must take actions to live your dreams.

Actions determine whether you're going towards or away from what your heart most desires.

If you want your life to read like a success quote, it's imperative that you go into action rather than just thinking about what you want.

Actions produce results. Results feed your spirit. When your spirit thrives, your heart dances a jig and your world is at peace.

First come the thoughts, then action must follow your thoughts if you want success. Quotes from famous women and men alike all stress the need for consistent actions.

Yet, often consistent actions are impossible because of either sabotaging patterns of behavior or limiting beliefs.

That's where EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can come to the rescue. EFT is like emotional acupuncture without the needles.

It has an impressive track record and often works when nothing else does.

I've been testing EFT for over 2 years and have seen some remarkable results, both personally and in clients and associates. (The above link takes you to a weekly column I write, Make Your Life Precious, where I detail the removal of a 24-year-old trauma that has made it challenging to live up to the success quotes I read).

If you need assistance, consider using my skills to serve as your success coach or as someone to help you clear some of your limiting beliefs so you can raise your vibration and change the law of attraction to work more in your favor.


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