Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Law of Abundance

Understanding and Using The Phenomenon

The Law of Abundance is a dynamic, everpresent factor in our lives. The affect this Universal law has on our circumstances is directly related to how we define abundance and how we feel about our own entitlement to happiness and fulfillment.

Some people can feel an abundance of joy in their hearts and continue attracting this kind of abundance because being content and happy for them is a state of being that has little to do with material wealth.

Other people can possess millions of dollars in their bank accounts yet live with such fear that their money will disappear overnight that they never enjoy their abundance.

Old Traumas and Pain Influence Our Perspective

Whenever it is that we decide it's time to change our outlooks by doing spring cleaning of our emotions, emotional wounds and traumas, life will look radically different.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is one great way to clear the way for the law of abundance to work for you.

Where Do You Want More Abundance in Your Life?

Obviously, you're reading this page because you crave more abundance of some kind and you're hoping that you'll discover a missing ingredient in your search for happiness or truth or right livelihood or...

So, ask yourself, where do you seek greater abundance?

  •     Is it in the material world?
  •     Do you want more health and well-being?
  •     Do you crave artistic abundance?
  •     Or would you find peace within if you could just have a meaningful, happy relationship with a partner?

The Key to Activating the Law of Abundance

Make the check out to yourself, but do not include a dollar amount. Instead leave the dollar box blank, and sign the check Law of Abundance

The simplest and most direct path to raising your vibration which activates the Law of Attraction and opens you to claiming abundance is by healing your body and mind of unwanted, no longer needed, beliefs, emotions, traumas, and toxins.

Wherever you decide you need abundance, know it for certain that the more you can increase your self-love and self-esteem, the closer you are to abundance.

Clearing your limiting beliefs and old emotional wounds makes it much easier to express love and gratitude regularly, one of the most important factors in the law of attraction.

The more we exercise body and mind, the closer we attend to eating healthy, energy producing foods, the more our physical vehicles, (i.e., our bodies), operate at a higher level of vibration.

In a state of balance, where blockages have been healed and gratitude has been expressed, we become aware of the Universal Laws operating in our lives. We learn to embrace and use these Laws for their intended purpose... to facilitate the fulfillment of our dreams and free us to live in abundance, which was there all along, waiting to be claimed.


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