Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From Failure to Success

 imagine the worst outcome and ........... but visualize the best and who knows what will happen!

Success doesn't always show up on the bottom line.

I remember working with a particular client who was in the unenviable position of having to dismiss a long serving employee. He knew it was the correct decision, having agonised over it for some time. On the other hand he was quite proud of his low staff turnover and had a reputation for being a first class employer. A few days before the planned dismissal, when we discussed it, the client, normally brimming with confidence, told me he felt physically sick at the thought of the prospective meeting.

In his minds eye, he was obviously visualizing the meeting and imagining the difficulties. “When you think about it, do you feel like this all the time”, I asked. “No”, he said. “Since I know it’s the right decision, when I think of my decision making process, I get a warm feeling of relief”.

I suggested that he visualized himself (as if he were in a movie) after the forthcoming meeting, seeing what he saw and feeling how he felt (that warm feeling of relief – an amicable parting from the employee etc). “I already feel better”, he said.

I encouraged him to imagine that the meeting had already taken place and it had all worked out successfully. In fact for three mornings before the meeting, I sent a text message to his mobile simply saying “that warm feeling of relief”.

When I met up with him the day after, he explained how straight forward the meeting had been. The employee was looking to move on and had wanted to talk to his boss about this in any event.

My client had been able to make this switch from failure and anxiety to success and relief, merely by re- programming himself.

So can you!

But if you find visualization difficult, take a look at one of the cleverest ideas I’ve come across, developed by Australian Ryan Higgins. He describes it as the secret to faster manifesting (and there are some free videos to help you along the way)


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